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Then he wants to get along with her, and it's what else that is added that can get in the way of that, and mostly her judging him by the accessories is what gets in the way. The man who finds a dolled up woman is interested in her heart, not her outfits, her job, her status but herself as his companion.

She could be rich or poor as far as he is concerned. He is valued not as a man but by how well he competes with other men to win, collect wealth, hold power, and so on.

He was extremely intelligent and self-educated and he treated me with utmost love and respect.

What a guy does is not important to me, as long as he does it well and is proud of his yeah..many women,this is just what they think is SUPPOSED to happen,why would it be an issue?

Men and women tend to talk about men wanting sex and women wanting money, as made famous by prostitution, but what does that symbolize?