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I thought you two would be SO great together.” There’s no awkward connection between you and your ex-situation. I was heading home for Thanksgiving and I went to Collingwood.

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Any lesbian single who has been dating for any length of time has one or more horror stories to share.

She showed up and, as is often the case, was 50 pounds heavier than her pictures, which it turned out were at least 10 years old. We met a second time, supposedly just as friends, but she shows up with a present. A friend suggested that I ask her to meet in Boston, so if things went badly, I could easily escape back to Maine. The weekend arrives, and I realize I’m not attracted to her.

I’m not sure what fantasy women are telling themselves who post pictures that are so out of date that you don’t recognize her when you meet. I open it to find a teeny tiny white negligee inside, which she says I should put on so we can play house. I met another woman online who is (for real) a big time lawyer from New York City and wanted me to spend a weekend with her in the city — and bring my daughter. However, I’m someone who likes to give attraction time to grow, so we spend the day walking around Cambridge and Harvard and then go out to dinner.

It was boring, time consuming and it made me feel shallow. I had told her before I met her that so long as we clicked in real life, I really wanted to make her my girlfriend (talk about pressure Batman).