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Is this due to a direct correlation with the economic stress people in the province have been feeling? Or are we simply so shallow that money matters that much in deciding who we choose to date? It's uncouth, tacky, and quite frankly, none of your business.Unless I'm asking you to cover a mortgage payment, what concern is it of yours how much they are?Treat her like a human being and show a real interest in her as a whole person.

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Second, if we know that women are approached constantly in less than savory ways, break the mold by coming at them from a perspective of genuineness, honesty, and vulnerability.

Its the anti-shotgun approach; be the opposite of the real life equivalent of a copy-paste message.

When money is used as a tool to impress, or rather, an attempt to, I'll find an excuse to end the date.

When money is waved in front of my face I'm really turned off, and when it's thrown in my face, duck, because my drink might be fired back in retaliation.

They are equally attractive, and everyone remarked that they looked good together. Hes looking forward to meeting new girls, and finally worked up the nerve to ask that cute barista for her phone number.