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Despite the impressive amount of flirting you can achieve through body language, when it comes to dating, words are better than actions. Although the Italian dating culture is relatively modern and inline with the rest of the Western world, it is still widely believed that men should lead the way when it comes dating.

If you’re not a native Italian, then learning a few keywords of the language will make things easier and definitely more interesting. Traditionally Italian men like to shower ladies with gifts and kind words before asking for a date. It is completely normal for men to pay the entire bill when on a date night.

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Northern Italian cuisine also includes more rabbit and quail.

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Tarantella can also be a courtship dance and it is considered unlucky to dance tarantella alone. Peter on June 29.[2] Each of the different geographical regions within Italy has a different style of cuisine, based on what is readily available in that area.

Italy’s state holidays include New Years Day, Easter Monday, Labour Day (May 1) and Christmas Day and a list of others. For example, coastal regions are often known for their seafood dishes. Beef and wild boar are readily available and used frequently, along with cured meats. Southern Italian cuisine frequently involves tomato sauces and olive oil.

It is also important to note that all towns, cities and villages in Italy celebrate the day of their patron saint. Citrus fruit is also a popular ingredient in the south.