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I had always thought of myself as being an accomplished communicator.

I won almost every sales contest I entered, I moved rapidly up the corporate ladder…

Anger, guilt, shame, loneliness, excitement, fear, passion—these things were never mentioned in all of the theory, even so-called “inner game” theory.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers and quickly explain what you do?

To get you started: You’re a dating coach with a lot of experience in the pickup artist (PUA) community.

We all lacked male role models, so we congregated online and attempted to act as male role models for each other by committee.

Meanwhile, in the trenches, I began to notice that most things that “worked” to attract women were traits that were classically considered “masculine.” And generally the more “masculine” you encouraged guys to be, the more positive sexual responses from women they’d receive.

It also occurred to me that men were using PUA techniques and theory as a diversion or placebo to cope with their underlying emotional/self-esteem issues.