Dating capricorn man tips international online dating site com

If you want to cling to him, hang all over him and kiss him at every stop, don’t or else you will lose your spot in the seduction line.

Capricorn men tend to be more reserved, private and shy when it comes to showing physical affection.

Self-motivated, down to earth, practical, responsible and patient are common traits in a Capricorn man and if you have recently become romantically interested in one, you need to know a few things before you make your move.

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If you want to seduce your Capricorn date and get him to go home with you, don’t be obnoxious, pushy or loud when you are out on the town.

He will watch how you interact with others and since he is your date, he feels your actions reflect on him too.

Here are some tips to get you started when it comes to seducing your Capricorn man.

First Point Of Seduction Men who fall under this zodiac sign are attracted to a woman that possess the same drive as him.

The Capricorn man has inner drive and is a go-getter when it comes to his personal and work-life goals.