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But his latest film, “1 ½ Days,” is no documentary at all ­— it’s a romantic comedy with a Southeast Alaskan twist.“I wanted to do something interesting, and I wanted to see what the local community could do,” Chaney said.

After meeting on the downtown docks, the two grow close as they learn more about each other in an effort to dupe Kokona’s boyfriend into believing they are secretly dating, and John introduces Kokona to the Alaska way of life. Kiyomi Fukazawa, whom Chaney met at a screening for “The Empty Chair” and who is also a SAG member, was cast as the leading lady; she is the only non-Juneau resident to be part of the film.

He even cast Bruce Laughlin, a local pilot with a bush plane, as himself.

The movie will premiere at the Gold Town Nickelodeon Theatre on Feb. “The only way we made [“1 ½ Days”] possible was because people in Juneau volunteered their help and their equipment and props.

It’s a real testament to the community and the creative power …

Premiere date: Apr 17, 2014 Purchase DVD » Announcer: This program is brought to you by the combined resources of the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Public Television. As the climate warmed, the wall of ice gave way, and the lake drained in a catastrophic rush of water.