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When an ENTJ is the employee, she will often question plans and procedures thinking they are negotiable and that they can be better and more efficient.

Not all ISTJs will be open enough to have their plans and orders questioned and the ENTJ might be seen as a rebel or an enemy.

INFJ tastes in decorating are more elaborate and inventive. This free-wheeling attitude can be frustrating for ISTJs.

They’re so caught up in creative projects that messes are inevitable. When children are involved, ISTJs enforce the regulations they learned while growing up. Fathers and mothers make the rules and children follow them. The INFJ, being capable of more insight than the ISTJ, may need to make the greatest adjustment in the relationship.

Being intuitive types, they aren’t conventional and don’t see the point, especially if they’re not fond of some of the people involved. The yard is neat and orderly, with no extravagant landscaping.