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The game has changed and it's arguable whether that change has been for the better or worse. I know what I want, and I don't play games, which has made being a single, twenty-something, young professional in a new city very difficult. They all show me very early on that they just cannot keep up. ' "At this point, my dating life is limited to those guys I meet on dating apps that are cute enough to swipe right on and smart enough to hold a text conversation long enough for me to accept an actual date.

On the one hand, women feel more comfortable exercising their agency. I don't think I am being picky, but I am sure some would say otherwise.

On the other, there's a general consensus that true commitment has been thrown out the window. After all this time, I have nothing but memories, just memories. Commitment *insert crying laughing cat emoji*." – CN, 32 "I love hard. Bottom line, my love life has been non-existent, and until a non-fuckboy enters the picture I am okay with that." – NL, 27 Recently, I re-watched three seasons of a show my mom and I had become obsessed with back in 2013.

I consider this to be a long time in today's dating world.

"[But] just like I have had great dates and made great friends, there have been some serious disasters.

She doesn't know how to show love without being in love. Instead, some other bitch will reap all the hard work I've put in and get ALL the credit. For those of you who haven't watched the show yet – SPOILER ALERT!

From the outset, viewers understand that while MJP seems to have a grasp on her professional life, her personal life isn't where she wants it to be.

” Shep Rose decides to take a grammar-based stance with the Bravo claims that Whitney Sudler-Smith’s film career is as Southern and stylish as he is, which is odd, because Sudler-Smith was born and raised in Washington, D.