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Your best bet is to message using the built in myspace mail system.

Since this is the case you don’t have to say how you found their profile anymore in messages you can just go right to the “Reason for contacting them and the call to action” Here is a recent message I have used with success.

“Most girls that rock the red hair and do it well are either goodie goodie or a bit on the naughty side =P I am betting you’re a little fireball.” definitely edgy, she has red hair and the fireball comment is golden, as it gives a call to action and something to reply about. On Facebook if you read that article I talk about how I like Facebook Chat better than messaging. On Myspace though their chat feature isn’t as good and people don’t use it nearly as often.

Also if the girl mentions Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, or any webcam site it is probably fake and you should just move on. So I sent out a bunch of friend requests and a girl added me! Myspace however has evolved a bit since that article.

To be honest there are less quality girls on Myspace now than there used to be and it’s also harder to contact them.

If the picture looks very professional and the person has no other pictures its probably fake. So many Myspace dating sites tell you to send them a message but I think it is by far better to just send friend requests.