Dating a party girl

As a midlife bachelor, you are less likely to encounter party girls who consistently stay out all night that is more typically found among younger women in their twenties.

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Story of My Life is a satire of '80s New York yuppie nightlife culture, based loosely on the youth of notorious John Edwards paramour Rielle Hunter.

It is obvious, looking at it now, that the book is supposed to be funny, and that the book's heroine, Alison Poole, is supposed to be odious.

Now me, personally - I would probably have had a problem dating a woman who went out without me that often ... I never heard any stories of her cheating on him - so maybe I'm just a little paranoid.

Those two remain together to this day - in fact, they got married last year.

When I closed that book, it was decided: I was going to grow up, move to New York City, and become a party girl.