Dale earnhardt jr dating married woman

Ricky’s father Rick Hendrick talked with Scene Daily in June of 2005: “Emily came over to the house the night after the memorial service and told us [Hendrick and his wife, Linda] she was pregnant,” Hendrick said. Emily Maynard’s name surfaced in the tabloids in late 2006 when rumors linked her to NASCAR driver Dale Earhardt, Jr.

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"Of course, I mean, you want to have children," said the second-oldest son of the late seven-time Sprint Cup Series champion, Dale Earnhardt.

"I think the greatest accomplishment in life is to be able to raise a child. I have felt that way for a long time, but it’s just a timing thing.

dated for a brief while prior to Emily dating Ricky Hendrick.

There is no absolute concrete proof one way or the other, but here is a photo of Emily Maynard and Dale Earhardt, Jr.

You have to get married first and find that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.