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One way to do this might be to set up a "check-up" or evaluation soon after the relationship begins.

"If people get along, they'll stay in the pair longer," she says.

But just in case a pair doesn't click, one of the most important things to remember is to set up a way for people to get out of the relationship and find another match without hurt feelings.

People might think, 'this is the person who is going to get me promoted, get me this, get me that,' so it's really important to identify to participants what the objectives are and what to expect, as well as not to expect, from it." Mentoring pairs might choose to structure their time differently depending on their goals and preferences.

But it's helpful to at least make a suggestion for how the mentoring pairs can get the most out of their relationship.

Dig Deeper: Using Mentors to Build Loyalty How to Start a Mentoring Program: Pairing Some companies, like Morgan Stanley, use group mentoring.

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