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Inspiring to write, authentic to read in a few fun yet thought provoking questions we can create your profile for you.

By removing the selling yourself mentality often associated by online dating we can ensure refreshingly honest profiles.

Information on online dating is boring – you’re asked to write reams of text trying to sum up your great sense of humor… If there is a good profile it’s invariably been copied and pasted. Yet, realistic profiling is so crucial for a great introduction.

Name: Cosmo Currey Position & Company: Founder, Her Smile Twitter: @Cosmo_Currey Her Smile is an award nominated dating site dedicated to refreshingly honest profiles and reciprocated interest from someone wanting a genuine relationship.

We protect women online and are the first site to use an intention assured payment model, considerably reducing the time taken for both men and women to meet a suitable partner.

The sentiment from our market research was; a red herring of wasted time.

It seems technology has yet to find a way to incorporate a human touch in online dating selection. This process reduces the time spent on a ‘daily mismatch’ whilst giving users an instant compatibility reference point.

Amanda said she likes being in the driver’s seat, though the site “puts a little pressure” on gals to act fast, lest a possible mate drift away in a day. "It's entertaining to see girls do something they don't normally do - come up with a pick up line," says Stephen Jensen, 25, who lives in the Bronx and works in advertising.