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Specifically, my focus is on screenwriting, so every couple weeks I get together with a group of fellow writers to go over each other’s scripts, talk about new ideas we’ve had, and just shoot the shit.Now, I’ve been in this group for nearly 4 years and although they know that I’m gay, they didn’t know Continue reading I had a conversation about online dating with an Asian friend who expressed that he was particularly bummed that some of the Asian guys he had messaged never bothered to message him back.

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I remember very specifically one time driving through Hollywood with him when he put his hand on my leg.

With survival-skill reflexes, my brain instantly remembered that a coworker of mine lived in the neighborhood.

And of course, like any typical Christmas-gift-exchange-make-your-own-calendar-tradition there would have to be a theme!

Us being a musically inclined family (a mandatory piano recital was one of the traditions in years past), the theme for our 2016 calendar was “Songs with Stories.” When I had my first boyfriend, I was still in the closet.

First of all, my boyfriend’s hand was at the wrong angle to be seen from the sidewalk, my coworker actually lived over a mile away from where we were, and even in the incredibly unlikely event that she had taken a long walk that day, climbed a step latter on the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd, and turned to look into traffic at that exact moment… So growing up, whenever I met an adult who felt compelled to attempt conversation with someone several decades their junior, they would, without fail, say something like the following: Other than one season of tee ball when I peed my pants at practice and never returned, I haven’t played any organized sports in my life.