College dating guide

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College dating guide

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or long-term relationship, the dating world can be a confusing and frustrating place to navigate.

Understanding what a mate wants and needs — and coming to terms with your own wants and needs — in a relationship is something that can take years to learn and refine, experience in which college students are often seriously lacking.

Instead, hit up the local bookshop one afternoon and see who you spot there  you’ll already have a conversation starter if you are both interested in reading. In fact, if a guy or girl is making the effort to ask you to hang out alone, it’s probably a good sign. So if someone asks you to do something cheap, free or asks you to split the bill, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Just because you might be looking for a relationship doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

Or ask the cute girl in your math class to a study session. There are plenty of college students who consider this a time to sow their wild oats, regardless of other people’s feelings.

And there are a lot of different types of “dating” to deal with.

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