Collarme dating

We can’t say that it would be the same for a man seeking a man or a woman seeking a woman, but we have found that in general, our results seem to be about the same no matter the gender that you’re chasing after on these dating sites. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to change much when it came to finding out how poor our results were.

Out of the 200 e-mails that we sent out, we only received 19 responses. We generally want a 50% percentage of replies when it comes to the e-mails that we sent out, and obviously, 19 out of 200 isn’t anywhere close to that.

It’s met all of our standards, and we have to say that among the sites we have tried so far, it is definitely the cream of the crop.

This is not only disappointing for us, but for anyone that we know that uses this site.

We can only suggest that you tread with caution if you must use this site in the future, because obviously, it isn’t a very helpful environment.

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