Citibank consolidating student loans

“If you can send even /month to your lending company while you are in school, do it,” she suggests.

“Work hard and do your best to have control over your money.

“It was nearly my whole income when I was making .50 an hour,” she said.

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Once I started making $600 payments each pay period, the amount started dropping rapidly, which helped me stay motivated.” Baggs also helped cushion her income by cutting back on going out to lunch, expensive activities, shopping for clothes and makeup and basically spending on anything frivolous.

“Also, I was living with my parents during this time so it helped remove the stress of rent, which I know is not possible for everyone, but is helpful if possible,” she said.

“That might not seem like much because I worked full-time through school and paid $200/month through the majority of my education,” she says,” but I also still owed over $12,000 on my car loan,” so debt obviously weighed heavily on her mind.

Baggs knew going into her education that she didn’t want to leave school in a ton of debt, so she worked full-time while earning her degree, which paid for a large portion of the fees for tuition.

So whether you choose to do your taxes on your own or hire a professional, this guide can provide some sound advice and hopefully make tax time a little less taxing.