Christian virgin dating non virgin

It seems better to find someone who is similar to ourselves. The only problem I have that you won't have is that he can lie to me and I won't know. Perhaps Steve is saying that a non-virgin is not good enough for him. It's his life, and he chooses who he does and does not want to marry. Since I have saved that gift for my future wife, is it so wrong to want the same? Later she used it in arguments to belittle me now we are divorced. Sorry ladies but you need to take this far more seriously than you do. If Christian virgins cannot marry Christian non-virgins we have 2 problems. I think that there are more people like you than you would imagine.

However, sometimes circumstances put you in a position that you do (whether you should or not) accept second best (maybe you don't have the strength to keep going on alone etc.) and in such cases a man or woman who was married but through no fault of theirs had divorce thrust on them, seems to be a good second choice since they believe in marriage, and do not go around living in sin (we presume). One - there are going to be a lot of Christian single non-virgins around because of problem 2, being, that some Christians seem to think that those who lost their virginity before being saved are untouchable and, even worse, unforgiveable. It is just that the others tend to rule the airwaves on TV and want to make believe that everyone is loose like them.

Well, I know we are suppose to be equally yoked together.

I should have posted the details but could not remember who without a Google search. He is incorrect when he says some will never understand. I feel that the subject is too broad to address efficiently.

Concerns about virginity differ with sex(male or female), age(teens vs 30s and beyond), circumstance(rape,incest), and status(widowed,divorced).

But, I have never came across a scripture on this...

Oh, I was wondering, Mary was a virgin, but was Joseph? The real question here is who did you stay virgin for?

The story I was thinking of was the one about the prophet Hosea who married Gomer the prostitute.