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He released five studio albums between 20: Love Hate (2007), Love vs.

Money (2009), Love King (2010), Terius Nash: 1977 (2012) and IV Play (2013).

however, it soon devolved into questions about her, her music, and Lil Wayne.

By scanning the list of questions popping up in the comments under her live feed on Facebook, Christina Milian told fans that she liked cooking Cuban cuisine and how she has done four weeks of intense exercise to prepare for her role as Magenta on Regardless of the questions about her, her careers and her family, some fans wanted to know more about how Christina Milian felt about Lil Wayne.

ET broke the news that the 33-year-old singer called it quits with rapper Lil Wayne in late August after dating for about a year. The song's about he and I, so it was perfect." Milian and Lil Wayne first met in July 2014 and quickly became a couple.