Chinese dating show if you are the one

Has Mandarin hip-hop is a new phenomenon; are you building the bandwagon from scratch? I just want to build my repertoire, because I’ve been doing this literally for only a month.Chinese hip-hop is very new; it’s like the American scene in the ’70s. The lyrics of my song are more sophisticated than 90% of the Mandarin hip-hop that’s out there. I just want more opportunities to sing songs, and build my rap career.The Chinese dating show If You Are the One (IYATO) has a reported domestic audience of 50 million.

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The show gets an estimated 50 million viewers per episode, who all watched in judgement as the bean poley Tom subtly twisted Cupid’s arm.

You’d need to live in an Australia with threefold the population and seven times the tabloid current affairs programs to experience that level of scrutiny.

I said, “Fuck it, I want to be a rapper.” I went up to the manager of the club and just pretended to be a rapper. [deadpans] “I am a rapper, can you give me a gig.” Brilliant. I went up and sung, in English, for about a minute. A few weeks before [the If You Are The One] taping, I decided to write a rap song about going on the show.

He gave me an audition, and I just rapped a Cypress Hill song from memory. I asked a DJ who lived at the bottom of my apartment building to produce a song with me before I went on. He arranged a meeting with a music producer, who was like, ‘Yep, this is a project I want to get in on.’ A week after meeting this guy, I’m in a recording studio to record [introduction track] ‘I Am Happy’.

The women are trying to assess the substance behind the surface impressions.