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"Our idealism about Valentine’s Day is, at the very least, embarrassing and a general reflection of some bad romantic comedy we saw starring Jennifer Love Hewitt Lopez (I combine the two because, well, frankly, they deserve it)." "The most romantic V-Day I had was when my boyfriend wrote me a book about every trip we’d been on," she continues.

"There were pictures of us, with love poems and prose about how much I’d changed his life.

She described the amount of attention her recent 'lived in fear' comments had received as 'shocking,' referring to a podcast interview where she talked about working for Handler on the now defunct E! After those remarks, Handler went on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show and claimed Mc Donald had been ‘trading stories' about her personal life in exchange for having her photos run in the magazine, according to ET.

Chelsea Handler has been accused of tweeting racist comments during the Oscars, but the late night TV personality says it's all just a misunderstanding.

We broke up when I found out I wasn’t the only person he was writing poems to. They usually rhyme with more than one thing." We love the 40-year-old beauty's hilarious honesty -- what do you think about Chelsea's candid comments?