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The vocation to physical and/or spiritual motherhood is based in woman’s natural tendencies toward tenderness, empathy, nurturing, emotional strength, teaching, and protecting.

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But every Catholic, and, for that matter, every human, has a calling from God, a role to play in His Kingdom.

All women are especially called and equipped to be mothers, whether they ever carry or give birth to a child or not.

She is created by Him and for Him and, from the moment of her conception, her life has value.

A woman has a miraculous and unique role in making and nurturing life.

You can find the caricatures in almost any television series or movie with so-called Catholic characters: the crotchety ruler-wielding nun, the kilted Catholic high school student who is secretly a “bad girl,” the denim-jumper-clad homeschooling mother of a dozen who lacks personality and purpose, and the forward-thinking “cultural Catholic” who ignores almost all Catholic moral and social teaching.