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The following is a curriculum vitae example for a job seeker with international work experience.

This CV includes employment history, education, competencies, awards, skills and personal interests.

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Allen Yan(86)1338-1111-420 [email protected] 20XX - Present, Shanghai University, BEHave Several Versions of Your CVDon't just write one CV and use it for every position you apply for.

Have targeted and focused versions of your curriculum vitae and use them accordingly.

If you're tempted to stretch the truth about your work history - don't. Most employers conduct reference and background checks and if your curriculum vitae doesn't match your actual work history or education, you will most likely get caught at some point and you will either not get the job or will get fired if you have already been hired. Is your formatting consistent (bold, italic, spacing, etc.) and is the overall picture that your CV provides a professional and polished one?