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“And I know some people are like, ‘yeah there’s something he said I’m too scared to talk about,’ but I’m not that kind of person.

The thing I have to be in any relationship is I have to be informed.” “This is how you can understand someone else’s side — if you communicate and understand where they’re coming from,” she tells us.

For Britt and boyfriend Dylan, they’re definitely not immune to these challenges either.

Currently, Dylan is starring in the franchise, and Britt is playing Julia Roberts’ daughter (! Even so, Britt’s number one piece of advice is a pretty simple one that we can all keep in mind: communication.

Inspired by this heartwarming news, we decided to round up 14 of the most adorable pics of Dylan and Britt.

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    A diagnosis of autism does not eradicate the desire in adults for intimacy, it’s present and we being communication specialists can work with them to fulfill it by helping them in building up there self-confidence, appropriate intonation pattern and tone while initiating conversation, use of word choices, interpreting non-verbal communication, engaging in unfamiliar topics of conversations and managing social anxiety.

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