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Though there’s a wide cast of characters, the story mostly follows journalist Evan Wright (Lee Tergesen) and the group he’s embedded with, which includes Sgt. Josh Ray Pierson (James Ransone, aka Ziggy from Season 2 of The Wire), Lt. When there’s a firefight, it doesn’t feel like the main event, as the main event is hanging out with the guys, who are trying to make their way and not die.There’s no tension about their fate, and no one is put in ridiculous jeopardy, nor is great heroism portrayed.

One man loses his helmet, and goes through a number of alternatives, with the worst being an enemy combatant’s helmet, which results in some friendly fire.

When the men finally reach Bagdad, planning is even worse, as their main goal is achieved but the results are that the people being liberated are – again – not looked after, and left to drink feces-laden water.

As a whole the supplements compliment the show nicely, and give good viewpoints on the real people and how the whole thing worked.

This is a must if you love David Simon, and easily the best fiction presentation of America’s current involvement in Iraq, regardless of your politics.

Creators David Simon and Ed Burns had earned the right to fail, to take chances, to do whatever television presented them, and their follow up was the HBO miniseries Generation Kill.