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Later in the evening we saw the couple holding hands and rubbing each other’s backs. Illusionist David Blaine entertained the film’s star, Woody Harrelson — who plays a corrupt Los Angeles police officer in the film — and Liv Tyler and her beau, Theo Wenner, with card tricks. George Pataki a good yanking at the party that MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin threw in honor of Matthews’ book, “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero,” on Tuesday night.

After guest Dan Rather toasted the “Hardball” host by leading the crowd in at the Gramercy Park Hotel in a more-dead-than-deadpan “hip-hip-hooray” cheer, Matthews took the mic and livened up the joint.

And the long look, that's where you see that he has all these levels. For a while, a rumor floated that Crudup might be cast in the next Star Wars.

People will recognize him without really knowing where they saw him.

I'm a player." The rain, I tell him, doesn't scare me. I can't tell whether he's any good at all, but he certainly looks good. Whether this is taste or a lack of smarts seems to be a matter of interpretation for everyone except Crudup. It's an "actor's role," the kind of thing actors like to talk about. There's no way I can't take the job seriously, no way I can't see myself as the luckiest actor on the planet at that moment." But what's lucky? Or does he intend to move on, to press toward something else?