Bi sexual online dating

I'm sure that this is a consequence of the "All roads lead to dick" misconception: Bi guys are obviously just at their first-evolution form before they level up into Full Gay, and bi women are trying to shake out all the cobwebs from their orifices before settling down with a nice young man they can regale with stories of their "wild" twenties.So guess it's no surprise that a lot of women who believe that stereotype wouldn't be down for getting in contact: Nobody likes to be seen as a convenient genital-rest area on the highway to Cocktown.Though online dating hardly brings out the best in anyone, identifying as a bi person on dating sites seems to bring out hordes of creepy dudes angling for three-ways and, um, pretty much no ladies. This is not an exaggeration, though it is heavily based on anecdotal evidence.

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I was obviously too lazy to actually undergo the trouble of making two profiles (and two appropriately witty user names), but for a while I did try switching back and forth from "straight" to "gay" to "bisexual" to see whether I'd have more luck with a certain demographic.

And lo, my roommate was right: Though the number of dudes messaging me remained more or less the same, my "straight" profile prompted a way higher percentage of thoughtful personal questions as opposed to idle screwvitations.

"Well, I date men and women, but I tend to get more emotionally attached to men and sexually attracted to women, and gender is really more of a spectrum anyway and I'm down to get down with people all over it. "Obviously, the clear answer here is for to drag itself into the 21st century and let everyone state their preferences on one profile.