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One 34-year-old Leo says she has no problems finding dates in the real world.

"I joined because I thought the internet might be a useful way of getting to know someone fairly well before meeting them and having the whole sex issue clouding judgment," she said.

There are a huge number of genuine people on the internet but also a lot who aren't." One guy goes so far as to warn women to "watch out for predatory males.

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You can get a good feel for people through talking to them for quite a while prior to meeting them." The flip-side of that, she is quick to add, is that not everyone is exactly honest.

"A lot of people aren't who or what they say they are.

"I have come to the conclusion that I have a snowball in hell's chance of meeting 'her' here." But he does believe that internet dating is a good way of casting the net wider than the traditional ways of meeting potential partners. A 39-year-old professional says that time is of the essence in his life.