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But after all he’s gone through, it only seems sensible to marry you.

After all, his son really needs a mother figure and since you make more than he does, he’ll be able to upgrade his home, his lifestyle and his future all by tying the knot with you. I won’t answer that for you, because I don’t think doing a bad thing makes someone a bad person, but I will say that if a man were to marry you under those circumstances, we might very well conclude that: a) He’s selfish – He’s failed at relationships and sees you as his safety school.

Oh, but there’s one hitch: he has zero attraction for you. He’s told you he’s not a sexual person, but that’s a lie.

He’s highly sexual and wants to have a great sex life – just not with you.

He knows you’ve always loved him and he agrees that it would make sense to be with a woman who has stuck by him through thick and thin.