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The result of too much delayed gratification is often just delay. There are two main characteristics you’re looking for in a guy.

One is spine – his strength, decisiveness, masculine essence.

Then, after telling you why you should do something, I tell you how to do it, too. Six dangers of online dating How to get over a breakup Bad boys and how to avoid them Are men intimidated by you? Evils of email and text What to do when they go poof Why long-distance relationship[url=

When I offer a piece of advice, I make sure it’s based on verified scientific fact or ancient wisdom that’s been around for thousands of years. My readers are doctors, lawyers, professors, psychologists, writers, artists, professionals. Q: What kind of love problems will this book solve? Here are some chapter headings: How to make a man fall in love with you 7 things you should always do on a date 8 things you should never do on a date How often should you call him?

Most bad boys fall in this category, and although they may be a fun ride to start, they will cause you unlimited grief. He’s in control without being controlling, dominant without being domineering, sweet without being a pushover. And he knows how to take care of business, of himself, and of you. Relevant credentials: Much more important than all of that: I've been on hundreds of dates. ) of men write to me for the past six years, telling me what turns them on (and off) about women.

A guy with a lot of heart but no spine is a sensitive new-age guy, or Lance. Translation: I know how guys think and what they like.

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