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We have some important news concerning the Avatar mod.

But you don't need to know how to get there because there is nothing in it. Though these are appreciated, they are unlikely to be added straight away. josephandjake wrote this comment, 02/10/2014: Hello Avatar fans!

"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. ) community involvement in the way of suggesting ideas, it was only ever Kieran and I who did the coding, and recently Raptofarian who made our amazing new models.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. The Avatar mod has blossomed, and is much bigger than we ever thought it would be!

We realised that the mod was becoming too big to play just with our friends, so here we share it with the community! Simply choose your element, then, using our bending scrolls, harness the power of the elements! Also, we will continue contributing in anyway we can.