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Almost thirty years later, an Indonesian-Dutch research team uncovered evidence at the Soa Basin which confirmed Verhoeven's original findings.

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Professor Raden Soejono, the leading archeologist in Indonesia, heard about Liang Bua from Verhoeven and conducted six different excavations there from the late 1970s until 1989.

All of this early work at Liang Bua only explored deposits that occurred within the first three meters of the cave floor.

The skeletal evidence suggests that adults of this species had extremely small brains (400 cubic centimeters), stood only about 106 cm (3'6") tall, and weighed around 30-40 kg (66-86 lbs). William Jungers, of Stony Brook University Medical Center. Larson and Jungers are experts on human evolutionary anatomy, particularly with regard to the functional morphology of the arms and legs. In total, many scientific articles have been published based on analysis of the original skeletal remains of have appeared in print or on the web since the partial skeleton of LB1 was discovered. Matt Tocheri, Thomas Sutikna, Wahyu Saptomo, I Made Kompiang, Rokus Due Awe, and Sri Wasisto.

For their height, these individuals have large body masses, and in this regard appear more similar to earlier hominins like "Lucy" ( was being recovered, Dr. Excavations at Liang Bua and elsewhere on Flores continue, and hopefully these will shed additional light on the enigmatic hominin species The Liang Bua Excavation Team Leaders in 2009, from left to right, Dr.

Two days later, the team returned to the site and Thomas Sutikna, the Indonesian archeologist in charge of the excavations, joined Wahyu at the bottom of the square. Further evidence for small-bodied hominins from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia.