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My comments were the results of a combination of a little emotion with some desire and comedy.

I certainly know nothing compared to you and I defer.

Right after the last Olympics, he signed up as spokesperson for a line of supplements/vitamins, but I think maybe that was not a success as I haven't seen anything about it since his initial signing with them. And I don't understand Carrie Ann Inaba's criticism of him saying that he hasn't done enough. I think he's funny, decent, vain, aware he's aging and unfortunately pissy when it comes to sexuality.

Remember how he talked about not wanting to show his chest on DWTS this season?

Apolo Ohno shows off his shirtless body while frolicking in the ocean with his mystery bikini-clad girlfriend on Sunday (October 19) in Maui, Hawaii. Pretty calm during this clip but the waves were gnarly all day.