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But after the exposition, there I realized that Eli Soriano knew beforehand who is going to ask questions and what questions will they ask.

It was just part of the script and if you are not part of the script then you will not be called to ask questions even if you signed first on the attendance.

Some can be a representation of our national heroes, our parents or martyrs of the faith etc.

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Today, released the beta version of its interactive live chat, is paving the way for users of this online streaming media portal to ask questions to Bro.

Eli Soriano during live event broadcasts on this website.

When confronted with this argument, Soriano tries to argue that the mere fact that we kneel and pray before these images constitutes idolatry.

Granting it is true, how come that members of Church of God International Inc.

We know that this strategy is called fallacy of equivocation where a particular word is given the same meaning notwithstanding that it has a qualifier or was written in a different context.