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The trial ended on 10 April 2009, with closing arguments and the jury deliberated until 17 April, when it acquitted Castroneves of all six counts of tax evasion but hung on a count of conspiracy.

On , prosecutors dropped the remaining conspiracy charge.

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Central to the case was the ownership of a Panamanian company called Seven Promotions.

Prosecutors called it a shell corporation set up primarily so Castroneves could dodge US income taxes, but Castroneves' father testified he created Seven to boost his son's image in Brazil. Prosecutors called that a lie, showing jurors numerous documents in which Castroneves claimed Seven as his own.

Racing fans have given Castroneves the nickname "Spider-Man" because of his victory celebration, in which he climbs the trackside debris fence.

On , Castroneves became Indy's 9th (and first foreign-born) three-time winner, by taking the checkered flag for the 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500.

If it was, an Internal Revenue Service agent testified that Castroneves owed US taxes on the full $5 million from Penske even though he had never actually received the money.