An error ocurred while updating

See the inner exception for details" I have created an easy model on diagram, generated the database and wrote easy code in C# to add just one row in the table but the error is showing up all the time.

I post screenshot with Diagram/Generated DLL/Simple Main/And error throwing Link for bigger size : KGc4that doesnt exist. If so, the EF table might be something odd like "Pupilss".

You can read here how to do it (I'll cite it here, just in case the link gets broken).

an error ocurred while updating-9

Usually Entity Framework will create tables with Pluralized names.

that means if you have a model class called Phone Number, Entity framework will create a table for this class called “Phone Numbers“.

Usually the database table is singular and EF is pluralized.

And having the Is your Connection string set up properly to point to that database?

The update might not have completed on your computer.