Amy winehouse dating pete doherty

It brought back unpleasant memories of when I was with Kate and how they would follow us around everywhere.”“Amy couldn’t step outside her front door without a mob of about 30 blokes thrusting cameras at her.

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They then conduct a close inspection of the tiny animals, Doherty making observations such as: "Look at the veins, you can see the blood pumping through the body".

The duo also break into a duet of Nina Simone's Feeling Good, with Doherty replacing the words "dawning of a new life" with "a new mouse life".

In that same Rolling Stone interview, Winehouse recounted how she had suggested to Doherty that they do a concept album together but he wasn't fond of the idea.

Doherty informs NME that the song 'Bird Cage' featuring singer Suzi Martin will contain lyrics written by Winehouse.

According to an interview that musician Pete Doherty gave to NME, his new solo album will feature lyrics written by his dear friend, the late Amy Winehouse.