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There are endless possibilities when it comes to online dating!With such a boom in companies dating website, the products have also expanded.I struck up an email conversation with Neil, because Jason introduced us over email, and [Neil and I] were familiar with each other's work, but didn't know each other.

The new couple was also eager to tell stories about their adventures and creative stunts.

One recent collaboration involved the two artists in a bath, one naked and the other in a borrowed drunk’s suit. In fact, one of the Post-Its tried to get to the bottom of Palmer’s proclivity for nudity.

Neil was like, "Wow, no one's ever asked me to caption a book of dead photographs. And that's how we actually sort of got to know each other.

It's actually better to hear him tell this story... I didn't know that he was king of a certain world, so that held no attraction.

Magazine joined hands to welcome former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer and best-selling fantasy author Neil Gaiman to the stage.