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And I also must say, that it is wonderful to know that although Milo is a whopping 30yrs and a too short 5'7" that you still think he's fuck worthy... I thought it was interesting because....1) He was bragging about his dick size2) Made a point of mentioning it was a FEMALE teacher R95, don't think that is true BUT besides the weird Milo/Adrian chemistry there appears to be some kind of attraction going on between the cheerleader and her adopted daddy...

Milo has said in an interview that Adrian's kids call him "Daddy Milo"I thought I read "Uncle Daddy".

If there's even a whiff that Pasdar and Ventimiglia are lovers across the internet then he'll be hooked up with a female co-star before the whispers get louder.

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I thought he was a kid but a imdb checks says he is 30 AND 5ft 9in( which probably makes him 2 inches shorter). R91 -Why would it be interesting that a female teacher is impressed with a student? Do you think he put on a better performance because the teacher was female?

Did he imply that his female teacher was so impressed that she hit on him?

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It's the same vibe I get from Tom & Kyle Baldwin of "The 4400". First off, I fail to see why they're in a photo shoot together, since Adrian's character is dead.