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Cynthia filed for divorce from A-Rod on July 7, 2008, citing extramarital affairs as a reason.Just before his divorce, A-Rod was linked to a then-married Madonna, with Us Weekly reporting that Rodriguez would pay late-night visits to the material girl's NYC apartment. Nobody knows just how much exactly Wojciki, recent ex of Google founder Sergey Brin, is worth. At the time of her divorce (which was finalized last year), the Brins were worth about billion.

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Anne, 42, founded 23and Me, which is a genetic testing and analysis company.

She serves as CEO and she also runs other businesses, including a farm-to-table restaurant.

Sometimes I get sick of writing about ISIS, Islam, amnesty, and the Presidential race.

And many times discussion of other things–changing American lifestyle cues–gives us a much bigger clue of why we are losing America. A-Rod f/k/a Alex Rodriguez used to be a ‘roid-using, masculine Major League Baseball player who liked to “date” (euphemism) hot blonde actress types. As they say, “she has a GREAT personality.” Pointing this out is not a mere shallow, sexist, Mean Girls observation. willingly assuming the position of the gold-digging chick.

Alex has been linked to Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson in the past.