Accc dating scams

After trying to get help from a local IT business, the computer was still locked.

Her son Damian, a computer science student, unsuccessfully spent three hours trying to unlock the computer.

Mrs Testa eventually paid the money and the computer was unlocked 10 minutes later."I thought well I'd rather just spend a bit over $400 to get it back than do nothing at all, and I think because it's such a low amount, most people would do the same.

I think if they'd said $10,000 people would say well bugger it."The ACCC's Ms Rickard said scammers fell into two categories."There's the mass-volume, low-gain scam, where the losses tend to be in the hundreds, and then you've got the more sophisticated scams like the investment scams and romance scams," she said.

Scammers use the internet to establish relationships behind a smoke screen, where they remain anonymous while connecting with potential victims around the globe,” Ms Rickard said.