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Wesseh further said bystanders told him that the Brazilian intervened, brought a floater, engaged the ocean and with so much difficulty, managed to bring the late Cllr. He continued “We took the body and took it closer to the fence.

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I saw this body brought on shore and people surrounded the body and I asked a question, what happened and a security fellow who I think works with Royal Air Maroc, said big brother this guy was drowning, he came to the beach with his girl and the girl was sitting and he was drowning in the water and we saw him drowning and the girl was shouting and some of us cannot swim, so we had to move in to help the fellow”.

He said while the man was drowning, he was told by those he met on the scene that a Brazilian working with the United Nations Mission in Liberia rescued the late Allison from the water and brought his body on the shore.

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An individual claiming to be on the scene when the body of the late Atty.