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Here are two excellent free tools that I trust (there isn't much that I do trust when it comes to security software in particular) and use for removing Spy Ware that should be helpful to you: Malware Bytes Spy Bot - Search & Destroy If I was experiencing this problem, scanning for Spy Ware would be a very high priority. So unless your OS somehow has permissions for how code accesses hardware...it's up to the programmer to alert the user or not.Copyright These videos are most likely copyrighted by whoever owns the cameras.

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the light is still on) ctrl f while in process explorer that is.

Note that the camera's vendor id string can be found in the device manager: dbl click the device, look at the details tab and then pick hardware Ids from the [email protected] ah excellent, I wasn't sure if Ctrl F would search through all the handle keys as well or just process names. I found it was my IE8/XP virtual machine (MS's own OVA file downloaded from Modern.ie) that was using the usb camera.

I looked over the process list and didn't see anything suspicious. Now when you click on each of the processes in the top Pane, you get a report about all of the files and registry keys it has open. It can list lots of information about currently running processes, and although I don't know for sure if it will definitely tell which process has the webcam open, you might be able to gain hints.

I am running a couple of open source projects and free apps (e.g., greenshot, powermenu, supertray), but I've had them for years. I just tried it for One Note while recording a video, and for my Lifecam VX7000, it had this key open while recording a video, which is almost certainly the webcam (especially seeing as it disappeared once I stopped recording) : I don't know what your device will appear as, but keep an eye out for processes which have HKLM\SYSTEM\Control Set001\Control\Device Classes\ keys open, and look for keywords like "USB#VID" in there.

I have a Microsoft Life Cam HD sitting atop my monitor.

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