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These apps incorporate user-friendly designs and customizable features to create a positive experience for users.The apps are easy to use and involve a low commitment, requiring no more than a minute or two a day to log your information.

For this article, I downloaded the free Lite version.

Period Tracker Lite lets you make notes like “intimate today,” “period started today,” or whatever else you think is worth recording.

Tracker.” Available for download: Apple's App Store. Eve is “a savvy health & sex app for women who want to take control of their sex lives” created for “sexually-active young women who want to own their cycles and feel good in bed.” Using Eve, I was able to track: Eve is sex positive, empowering, and easy to use.

The (very active) community feature allows women to be uncensored and honest in talking about their bodies, their health, and their sex lives.

Community features, journals, and even daily photo log options make period tracking apps versatile, fun, useful.

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    Phone sex has evolved over the last several decades.

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    Haven’t we heard of scores of women clad from head to toe being raped and molested as well?

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    An official, signed love contract policy should solve all of your potential problems with charges of sexual harassment at the end of a romantic work relationship. I wouldn't count on it, even a love contract reviewed by your employment law attorney.

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    It takes about 10 minutes to know the results of the test.