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Almost immediately, Ashley wanted Eric to get on MSN, another online instant messaging service that allows real-time exchanges with both text and video, and to chat via webcam with her. And she said, ‘Oh, my little brother broke it.’” Eric, now 15, has never before spoken out about how easily he was convinced to trust a total stranger online.

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“There’s not a case that I have yet investigated involving child exploitation images where the predator’s collection hasn’t had those selfie pictures, the mirror shot of the young girl in her underwear or bathing suit or whatever.” On Facebook, W5 found profile pages openly promoting the sexual objectification of children and teens.

Two of these pages – “Jailbait Teens” and “Sexy Teen Selfies” – were full of photos scooped up unknowingly from kids’ personal sites and shared online.

“He became quiet, reserved, definitely that he was thinking about something that he wasn't expressing to us.” Her maternal instincts convinced her to check Eric’s Facebook and MSN accounts.

One evening, when Eric was out with friends, she went to his room and checked his laptop. “I don’t think any teenage boy would have a problem with the profile picture that Ashley was presenting to them,” said Norton of the sexy teen communicating with Eric.

Her name was Ashley Matthews and her online identity claimed she was a 14-year-old girl from Whitby, Ont.

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