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This is undoubtedly due to the newly reworked front and rear grips, both significantly raised in comparison to the gently sweeping nature of the previous generation.

Both the front and rear are now rubberized with a significant bump that protrudes at a nearly 75 degree angle perpendicular to the camera body itself.

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Unlike the X-T1 it’s unfortunate that X-Pro2 does not have a tilting screen.

The X-Pro2 has dual card slots — capable of sequential, backup and RAW/JPEG sorting — to the single slot of the others.

Living In The Past, Man The X-Pro1 was released a long time ago in the world of digital photography. In fact, Fujifilm have released so many camera between then and now that I’ve lost count.

Comparatively speaking, given the age of the X-Pro1 and how dated it’s stats now are, it’s unfair to compare it with the new X-Pro2, so let’s add in it’s next youngest sibling, the X-T1.

Yes, other companies had done the new-school-camera-in-a-retro-body before, but none had managed to build one that photographers, en masse, wanted to actually use as their daily.