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(They join a 3-minute montage of Blake's art set to Anne Kerr's frothy "I've Gone Native Now.") On the other hand, the two included deleted scenes are revelatory, the first ("The Sisters Call") running seven minutes and concluding with a dark passage in which Barry has a borderline nervous breakdown triggered by the sight of a little boy, the second an alternate version of the ATM mugging that uses the same dialogue to achieve a completely different, if inferior, effect.

An Easter egg "shuffle" function plus alone configured to Superbit specs (widescreen-only, Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks).

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The sound design's seamless blend of music and effects is so much more layered, and the mix remains aggressively loud--and deliciously anxiety-inducing at the right (i.e., correct) volume--but no longer has a sharp edge to it.