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Speaking about falling in love, she said: "I started speaking to Mondher in summer 2012 and we instantly hit it off.

Even over the internet I could feel the chemistry."I hadn't had a relationship for ages, and wasn't looking for love but there was just something about him.

She said: "There, I worked on getting Mondher a visa, and eight months later I managed to secure him a visitor visa. The chores, sex and compliments all dried up, he said it was like living in a prison.

I couldn't wait to live properly as husband and wife."For the first week, life was perfect. And here's an insight into the male mind: Men find women SEXY when they're fertile and flushing red."And, just a fortnight after he'd arrived, he packed his bags and moved to Portsmouth. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him."Six months later he text her begging for money, but ignoring his requests Pat hasn't heard from her husband since.

But the instability that followed its 2011 Arab Spring uprising sparked a major crisis, forcing the north African country to rethink its strategy.