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And no matter how many times the mods ban those words, the woozens will find a way to say those numbers.Now, I don't want to be comparing websites, but if you could go on Chit Chat City and see what it's like, you'd know what I mean.You don't have to have hell or damn or any word like that on it, but what i'm saying is that we should be allowed to say gibberish or numbers, things like that.

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Now, I cannot even donate anymore because when I am a higher level, they refuse to accept my trades.

Maybe because they are just always busy, or because they don't want to be teased, which is what I always see higher levels do to lower levels. About a year or so ago, I was suspended because I said "Wear pink for breast cancer!

For the first few days i went on i loved it but then it started. There it was: fluck you will u dat me give me a kis i hat you it was all there in black and white. NEVER LET YOUR CHILD PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sex is used by some users in the way " wanna have mex? Violence is incorporated by gangs, avatars "cursing" out other avatars, bulling : verbal, possibly mental. I ignore them and do the right thing including keeping my personal information to myself and no one else.

All it is is about sex and love and bad things that i cant go into also i made the mistake of joining and now i cant deleat my account! Stay away from these type of people and you will enjoy woozworld.i liked the game it is awesome but there are sometimes games involving older people, and some people are able to say bad words, but if they are being mean you can just block and report them.

" I understand that I got suspended for saying breast, but do the moderators even bother reading the whole sentence?